Personal Profiling

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 "We see the world not as it is, but as we are.

Stephen Covey


I’m proud to be an official Licensed Practitioner with Insights.

To help you discover your full potential I use Insights Discovery as part of a range of tools to get the job done.  My clients love it because it uses a simple and accessible four colour model to understand an individual’s unique preferences.  It measures these preferences based on responses to a short on-line evaluator. The result is a 20 page (minimum) personality profile, unique one in one hundred billion, which identifies strengths and areas for development, helping people find "their" way.

Two million people worldwide have answered the question "Who am I?" using Insights Discovery and if it's right for you, when we work together you'll receive your own profile as part of our solution

Personal Profile Solutions

Having a knowledge and understanding of your Personal Profile is vital to the success of it working for you and empowering you to become the professional you aspire to be, therefore we will always have dialogue, virtually or face to face, when receiving the Foundation Chapter, or additional Chapters thereafter, for the first time.  Successful and rewarding Personal Profile solutions include:

  • One to One Personal Profile talk through - explaining your Profile
  • One to One Personal Profile Coaching - raising self-awareness, awareness of others and coaching for success
  • Group Coaching Development Days - a full development day, working together as a team, building knowledge of ourselves and each other
  • Continued Group Development - continued team investment further to the awareness-raising Development Day

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