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Helen Owner and Canine Hydrotherapist, Three Counties K9 Hydrotherapy

"Natalie helped me to focus in on the main thing that would make a difference to my life - starting my business! She gave me the confidence to believe I was capable of making the right decision by myself and her guidance was reassuring."

Katie Clarke Unit Manager, Blue Apple

"I found the coaching tools given to me to be helpful in achieving my goals, they made me think where and how I could achieve and make my working relationships much better"

Paul Bailey Commercial Operations Manager, Blue Apple

"Natalie has the ability to listen and hear what is being said, with a great ability to involve the quieter members of the group she is engaged with.  She has a great understanding and knowledge of her subject and delivers the information in “lay” terms, allowing all to benefit from her presence in the room."

Jo Barwell Freelance Editor, JLB Editorial
"I went into the coaching session feeling rather overwhelmed with the tasks I had to do, on a daily/weekly and more long-term basis and was feeling rather fraught and anxious. I left the session feeling much, much calmer, more in control and with a structured and ordered plan of how I am to achieve my short term and longer term goals. After much previous procrastination, I have even managed (in just over a week) to implement 2 of my short-term goals and have a plan in place to push along the longer term goals (using the SMART and GROW models as guidance). I felt more in control of my immediate work/life balance immediately following the session and this continues (and hopefully will endure) – I have reset some boundaries, regained an element of control and feel much more confident about the way forward."
David Belsey Development Chef, Blue Apple

“Natalie’s manner was very professional and calming as I can get a little excited. Also her readiness to take some of my colourful analogies was great.”

Richard Oswin Sales & Marketing Associate, Clegg Associates
"My colleague can tell when I have been coaching with you; I am either much more relaxed or focussed and clear with what needs to be done!"
Louise Dennick Operations Manager, Blue Apple
"Always enjoyable courses in a relaxed environment that's encouraging and insightful. Always look forward to them."
Mark Wheeler Senior Partner Sales Executive, Microsoft
"I would never hesitate in recommending Natalie’s services as I have total confidence in her capability to make a difference… Natalie is simply the best!"

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